Casas Serranas | Turismo Rural na Serra da Estrela

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“Venture! Come and visit the highest mountain in mainland Portugal and discover the magic places, the friendly people and breathe the pure air of the mountain region ”
! New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 in Serranas houses: SOLD OUT!

Turismo Rural

The Casas Serranas are composed of three distinct phases and provides a unique experience in Rural Accommodation in the exciting Serra da Estrela region.

Any of our homes are equipped to receive you warmly, either for family holidays, for a Romantic Getaway in the snow, for the most enthusiastic of winter sports or for serrana nature lovers. Located in a traditional area rich in gastronomy, leisure (walking, hiking and adventure sports), the serranas houses allow you to combine the contemporary with the traditional. Whatever it is that makes you move, our homes will serve as a starting point for the beauty of the landscapes, the people, fauna and flora to explore the world outside.

The Casas Serranas promote Rural Tourism in the Serra da Estrela. Visit us!

Casa da Serra

DestaqueCSerra For 4 people, Casa da Serra is ideal for families with children or a group of friends getting to know the Serra da Estrela. Saiba Mais

Casa do Lagarinho

DestaqueCLagarinho The house with the most romantic setting provides any couple in love a unique getaway! Saiba Mais

Casa de São Cosmado

Destaque Cosmado The largest of the three houses, with conditions to receive family gatherings or groups of friends looking to the Adventures of Serra da Estrela. Saiba Mais